Home Tomato Garden – How to Do it Right

Tomatoes are fruits that grow best in tropical climates. They grow to about ten feet and live for two years, or even more. A home tomato garden is a very worthwhile hobby. It is not only rewarding, but it is also a good source of nutrients. The tomato’s most distinctive nutrient is Lycopene since there is a very strong link between Lycopene and prostate cancer treatment. Many doctors have already employed Lycopene in cooked tomatoes as an alternative treatment to prostate cancer.

That particular benefit has made everybody want to start their own home tomato garden. I could understand if you would think twice in embarking on this adventure because it may sound complicated. However, do not worry because this article will provide you with a guide on how to successfully grow tomatoes in your own garden.

Buying a tomato plant in a nursery would be your first step. Then, choose an area that will be suitable for a tomato plant. Ideally, that place should receive sunlight all throughout the year. Moreover, it is best to prepare the soil with fertilizers or compost in the days before you plan to start planting.

After that, you dig holes the size of a volleyball and position them a foot away from each other. Before planting the tomatoes, put a couple of egg shells in the hole. That will be the plant’s source of calcium – a mineral necessary for their growth.

You are now ready to put the added plant protections such as a plant collar and a net. The plant collar can be made from paper and will keep worms away. Furthermore, the net will stop other insects from feeding on your growing tomatoes. A few months later, you may start reaping the fruits of your labour. Tomatoes are best harvested when they are semi-ripe.

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